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The United States Congressional Election of 2002 took place in November 2002, at the same time as the Presidential Election.

Winners of the ElectionEdit


  • Bob Russell (D) won Colorado's 3rd District
  • Matt Santos (D) won Texas's 18th District
  • Andrea Wyatt (D) won Maryland's 5th District
  • Sheila Fields (D), House Minority Leader
  • Delany (D-DE)
  • Carol Gelsey (D-FL)
  • John Tandy (D) won Florida's 20th District
  • Hootstein (D) won Louisiana's 3rd District
  • Goldman (D) won Louisiana's 7th District
  • Mark B. Sellner (D) won Massachusetts's 4th District
  • Sind (D-MA)
  • Maxwell (D) won Michigan's 2nd District
  • Inboden (D) won Mississippi's 2nd District
  • Thiele (D-RI)
  • Diane Frost (D)
  • John Baxley (D)
  • Glen Allen Walken (R) won Missouri's 6th District, Speaker of the House
  • Jeff Haffley (R) won Washington's 5th District, House Majority Whip
  • Chuck Webb (R) won California's 47th District
  • Riddle (R-FL)
  • Tawny Cryer (R-KS)
  • Jim Arkin (R-ID)
  • John Connally III (R-TX)
  • Palmer (R-MD)
  • Tom Landis (R-MD)
  • Darren Gibson (R) won Michigan's 4th District
  • Brett Logan (R-NC) Defeated House Minority Whip Howard Van Gelt
  • Thomas Korb (R-ND)
  • Whitley (R-NY)
  • Robert G. Mitchell (R-OH)
  • Cahn (R-OH)
  • John Heffinger (R) won Oregon's 4th District
  • Paul Dearborn (R-UT)
  • Gladman (R)
  • Daniel DeSantos (R)


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