The Senior Assistant to the Deputy White House Chief of Staff for Strategic Planning is one of the top assistant posts in the White House.The West Wing reinvents itself with every new administration; however, it is generally agreed that the senior assistants to important senior staff are the gatekeepers. Senior assistants control access to senior staff. [1]

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  1. Debate Camp, "You're Josh Lyman's traffic cop; that's like an M.A. in power brokering. You know the Hill; you know every corner of the White House. You know every pressure point ten miles from the Potomac"Night Five
  2. "She's being taken out to lunch by her predecessor, a guy who's the assistant to Mac McConnell, the assistant to the Deputy COS." from Debate Camp
  3. "Senior Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Planning." "That's my title now." from Night Five

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