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Richard Nixon was a notable President of the United States and Vice President under President Dwight Eisenhower.

His vice presidency under Eisenhower was used as a comparison for John Hoynes vice presidency under President Josiah Bartlet in 2002.[1]

The panda bear Hsing-Hsing was given to the United States by China after a famous visit by President Nixon.[2]

Clips from Nixon's presidency were shown in a Frontline documentary made featuring White House Press Secretary C.J. Cregg in 2004, and released sometime after 2007.[3]


Nixon is famous for being the only President to resign, although the events surrounding the Watergate scandal were only once referenced in the series, subtlely, when Will Bailey joked in 5.01 that the White House hadn't been bugged "since the mid-70s". 

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Nixon's resignation is supposedly where the diversion in the series from reality in terms of timing of presidential elections in the series.

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