Peter Lillianfield is a Republican congressman who attempted to obtain records of an internal White House investigation into drug use by White House staffers. Ultimately, this was just a ploy to reveal information he had uncovered about Leo. As this information had been obtained illegally, it could not be released directly without severe legal repercussions. Lillianfield therefore passed the information on to Larry Claypool of Freedom Watch, who then filed lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) regarding drug use in the White House with the goal of forcing someone to admit to Leo's past. To this end, he deposed Josh Lyman on more than one occasion.

Initial Accusations & ResponseEdit

Lillianfield began his assault on the White House with a press conference during the week before the annoucement that Judge Harrison was to be nominated by the President to the position of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Lillianfield claimed that one in three White House staffers was using drugs. Leo, through Toby, asked Josh to investigate the claim.

Josh could find no evidence of drug use. He made no paper record of his investigation, as senior staffers viewed the accusation as nothing more than a Republican tactic to "steal the spotlight" from the Harrison (later Mendoza) announcement and subsequent confirmation hearings.

Josh soon figured out that this wasn't a mere ploy but that Lillianfield was after bigger game. He talked to Leo about the "open secret" of his alcoholism and asked him if there was more to the story. Leo admitted that he had been addicted to Valium and that he voluntarily sought treatment at the Sierra Tuscon rehab center, and that he hadn't touched a drink or pill in the six years since treatment. Josh realized that Lillianfield and Claypool must have obtained Leo's treatment records.

Final ResolutionEdit

Josh was deposed at least four times by order of subpoena; for at least one of those depositions, Sam Seaborn served as his lawyer. The lawyer conducting the deposition actually admitted that he had Leo's treatment records in his possession, at which point Sam postponed the deposition to prevent Josh from perjuring himself. The matter forced Leo to make a public statement from the briefing room and caused several prominent Democrats, including Simon Blye, to call for his resignation. Leo tried resign but was refused by the President, who secretly instructed Josh and Sam to make a deal with House Republican leadership. The deal they finally hammered out stipulated that, in exchange for there being no hearings into Leo's or any other staffer's actions, the White House would bury an awkward and ill-timed report about sex education until after the Congressional mid-term elections.

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