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The Vinick camp decides to turn the tables on the Santos campaign by targeting issues of immigration - issues Santos has avoided.

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Vinick finishes up a speach. Frost starts National Security briefing in the bathroom. Bruno and Vinick discuss the resignation of Senate. Vinick does not agree. Leon shows a TV spot which goes negative. Bruno does not want to use it. Vinivk shelves the negative ad.

Act I

Vinick films approval of ads. New polls being reviewed. Vinick tells press that Santos did his duty and hopes that he continues his duty when Vinick is President. Santos watches news. Vinick wants to change the message of the week. Sheila and Bruno want law enforcement endorsement. Vinick wants to knock Santos off of his message. Vinick cancels events and wants to regroup for a new strategy.

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Act IV

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  • At this point in the series, the episode is tied with The Long Goodbye for fewest main cast members appearing in an episode at three. It was surpassed later in the season in The Debate.
  • In this episode Bruno tells Shelia and Vinick that a senator hasn't been elected since 1960, referring to JFK. Three years after this episode was aired, in the 2008 Presidential Election Senator Barack Obama was elected to become the 44th President. However, Obama's Republican opponent was fellow Senator John McCain.
  • Gov. Ray Sullivan tells the pro-life representative that he always appointed pro-life judges while he was Governor of West Virginia and will have the same point of view when he becomes Vice President. But real judges in West Virginia are not appointed; they are elected.

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Senator Arnold Vinick: He's what wrong with this party. Not me.... The United States Senate gets to advise and consent on judges, not the clergy.

Bruno: First one to go negative is a show of weakness.

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