Josephine McGarry was the sister of Leo McGarry.


As sister of Leo McGarry, Josephine had known President Bartlet for twenty five years. She had a Ph.D. in education, spent six years as a principal and four as a superintendent.

She phoned Toby Zeigler to ask the President to place her on the short list for recess appointments. Her brother opposed this. It was later revealed that she took part in the arrest of two teenagers who were praying, and even though she was only following the law, this caused problems.

Leo invited her to his office to talk to her. He asked her to withdraw her name as he had also found out that she let a photojournalist, Odabee Jones, know that it was going to happen. Leo gave her a document to sign so she could withdraw. Before she left he told her to kiss her kids for him. (Shibboleth)

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