Congressman Joseph Bruno was the chairmen on the The House Reform and Government Oversight Committee that investigated actions of White House staffers during the Leo McGarry drug addiction and Jed Bartlet MS Scandals. He makes a deal with Sam Seaborn and Josh Lyman to prevent the release of a damaging sex education report. He takes the time to specifically call out Seaborn and Lyman's actions for being 'stupid' and 'close to perjury'.

Later, he suspends hearings into information about the MS Scandal at the request of Cliff Calley, halting the questioning of U.S. Rep. Darren Gibson (R-MI), who's was only trying to humiliate McGarry. He later authorized Calley to hold meetings with McGarry and other members of the White House staff to reach a deal to Censure the President.

BLOOPER: During the committee hearings, Rep. Gibson and Calley meet behind closed doors with Chairman Bruno, whom Gibson calls "Phil," rather than the expected/more likely diminutive name "Joe" (for "Joseph").

United States Congressional Delegation from Pennsylvania
Marino (D) | McKenna (D) | Mitchell (R) | Royce (R)
Bruno (R) | Erickson (R) | Erikson (R) | Widen

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