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George Herbert Walker Bush (born in June 12,1924) is an American politician, who served as the 41st President of the United States(1981-1983), after the assasination of President Ronald Reagan in March 30,1981.During his term,is aproved the alteration in the years of presidential election and the next presidential election is convocated for 1982, no interfered in the conflict in the Persian Gulf, the Berlin Wall fell in 1982 and the Soviet Union dissolved two years later in term of President Newman. In the 1982 Presidential Election ,has nominee the candidact of Republican Party,in the wake of a weak recovery from an economic recession,along  with continuing  budget deficits,he lost the 1982 Presidential Election to Democrat D.W.Newman,Bush left office in 1983.His presidential library was dedicated in 1987,and he has been active-along with President Newman- in various humanitarian activities.

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