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"If I were to stand on high ground in Key West with a good pair of binoculars, I would be as informed as I am right now." - Leo McGarry

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Danny Concannon is the White House Correspondent for the Washington Post. He is portrayed by Timothy Busfield.


Danny, like the President, is a graduate of University of Notre Dame. The most defining trait of his character was his long-standing on-again/off-again romance with White House Press Secretary turned White House Chief of Staff, C.J. Cregg. The most famous moment of their relationship is the fact that he purchased the goldfish Gail for CJ during season one, having misunderstood Josh Lyman's statement about CJ liking Goldfish Crackers . The fish is seen on her desk for the rest of the series, usually with a decoration in the bowl that related in some way to the theme of that week's episode. Danny was the correspondent who was the most steadfastly supportive of the Bartlet administration, and he appeared to have a good friendship with President Josiah Bartlet, Leo McGarry, Charlie Young and Josh Lyman as well, implied to have begun while he was a reporter following the Bartlet Campaign prior to President Bartlet's first term in office.

Career Edit

He is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who has been a White House Correspondent under three administrations and has covered the White House for the New York Times, the Washington Post, TIME Magazine, and the Dallas Morning News. He is acknowledged by the White House Press Corps as the Bartlet administration's favorite reporter, and the correspondent most likely to be given an exclusive with the press secretary, the President, or one of the Senior Staff. He was used by CJ as an example of an ideal reporter even when he was no longer in the Briefing Room.

Danny returns to the Briefing Room after a lengthy absence during the first Christmas Season of President Batlet's second term as President.  While CJ is happy to see him, their reunion is complicated due to Danny's pursuit of a story on the Administration's order to assassinate Abdul Sharif in violation of United States and international law.  During the kidnapping of Zoey Bartlet, CJ told Danny to publish his story ahead of the planned release by then-President Walken, showing her dedication to him despite the risk it posed for her own career.  

As President Bartlet left the White House, Danny and C.J. rekindled their romantic relationship, and although several difficult issues were raised during the transition from the Bartlet Administration to the Santos Administration , they eventually were married, moved to Santa Monica, California, and had a baby.

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