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A list of members of the US Senate.


  • President Pro Tempore of the Senate Joseph Furman, 1999-
  • Senator Moseley (R-CO): Senate Majority Leader in early 2003, opposed to a foreign aid bill in response to a poll that came out that showed a majority of Americans wanted foreign aid cut. Later replaced by Royce some time before May-July 2003
  • Senator Robert Royce (R-PA) — H. Richard Greene: Senate Majority Leader (Season 5-7) Replaced Moseley in 2003. Was previously a moderate Pennsylvania Congressman. He put himself forward as a VP choice for Vinick in 2006 and considers a Presidential run for 2010, but "doesn't have a chance"
  • Senator Wendell TripplehornGeoff Pierson: Senate Minority Leader. Liberal-leaning, mistrusts John Hoynes' moderate politics and intends to challenge Hoynes for the nomination in 2006 (Ep 4.09, 5.01, 5.03)
  • Unnamed Majority Leader - Bruce Weitz - (Ep. 1.19, 1.20) Vehemently opposed to campaign finance reform, he threatens to unleash an agenda of conservative legislation - including school prayer and English as America's national language - if President Bartlet names Bacon and Calhoun to the Federal Election Commission. Josh responds to an angry phone call by telling him to "take his legislative agenda and shove it up your ass."



  • August Adair — Robert Arce (Ep. 5.3)
  • Senator Aiello (Ep. 1.16)
  • Senator Avery (D-CA)
  • Senator Bennett (D-NC) (Ep. 4.5): Does spin for Robert Ritchie during the 2002 Presidential debates.
  • Sarah Brainerd: Kate Burton
  • Calvin Bowles (D-KY): An aging moderate Democrat who wants a mobile bio lab to be put in his state, which instead went to Texas.
  • Senator Cambridge (Ep. 1.16)
  • Dave Canton (Ep. 5.14): Serves on Senate Armed Services Committee
  • Senator Crandell (D-CO)
  • Senator Dane (Ep. 1.16)
  • Senator Darius
  • Senator Degie (D-UT) crossed off the list of potential Vice President nominees
  • Senator Englemann (D-NH) (Ep. 4.8): Shown as the winner on Election Night television broadcasts. Defeated Waterson (R) in 2002.
  • Jack Enlow (D-IL) — Robin Thomas: Ranking member of the Appropriations Subcommittee.
  • Senator Franco (D-IN)
  • Senator Fuller (D-ME): Defeated in 2006
  • Senator Gianelli (Ep. 1.16)
  • Seth Gillette (D-ND) — Ed Begley, Jr.: Threatened to run against President Bartlet as a third-party candidate on a more left-wing platform in the 2002 Election. (Ep 2.14)
  • Senator Grace
  • Senator Greys
  • Tom Grissom (D-WA): A grandfather who agreed to assist with the Stackhouse Filibuster.
  • Grace Hardin (D-GA): Freshman Democratic Senator in 2003.
  • Senator Huntington (Ep. 1.16)
  • Michael Jackson — Larry Brandenburg (Ep 4.04)
  • Ed Keenitz (D-IA) Defeated Senator Niering in 2002, was appointed Secretary of Agriculture in 2007 by Matt Santos.
  • Senator Kelly (Ep. 1.16)
  • Senator Kim (D-AR) (Ep 4.23)
  • Senator Rinier (D-CT) (Ep 4.23)
  • Senator LaGava (D-ME) (Ep 4.23)
  • Senator Lubin (D-MD) (Ep 4.23)
  • Ryan Lyndell (D-MA): Possible nominee for Vice President after the resignation of John Hoynes, but was not considered confirmable. (Ep 4.23)
  • Senator Marienhoff (Ep 7.06) Had Louise Thornton as campaign manager, defeated Barrett despite his own questionable business dealings
  • Senator Martinson (Ep. 1.16)
  • Senator McKenna (D-DE) Mentioned in Season Four by Donna as a potential vote for foreign aid. Josh says his health is the reason he was crossed off as a potential replacement for John Hoynes. (Ep 4.23)
  • Senator McKenna (D-PA) Defeated in 2006
  • Tony Marino (D-PA) — Mike Starr: Lost his seat in the midterm elections in 2000.
  • George Montgomery (D-IL)
  • Senator Oliom (D-MS): defeated Danquist (R) in 2002.
  • Roland Pierce (D-RI) — Mitchell Ryan: Uncle of Ryan Pierce, who was Josh's intern in Season 5. Gets both CJ and Josh drunk in the Mural Room during a discussion over filling a Supreme Court seat. Powerful, and was the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee (Ep 5.17)
  • Senator Ramsey
  • Senator Rathburn (Ep. 1.16)
  • Andy Ritter (D-NM) — John Rubinstein (Seasons 1–2)
  • Ricky RaffertyMel Harris (Season 6): briefly a candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 2006 election. (Ep 6.16)
  • Senator Roanoke
  • Senator Rossiter — Robert Walden: Has an ideological opposition to lawsuit against tobacco companies. Former US Attorney. On Judiciary Committee.
  • Lloyd RussellJohn Bedford Lloyd (Ep. 1.2): A Moderate Democrat. Potential challenger to President Bartlet in the primaries in 2002. Abandons campaign before he got started. Briefly hired and dated Mandy Hampton.
  • Senator Sacho (D-MI)
  • Howard Stackhouse (D-MN) — George Coe: 78 years old in 2001. Has an autistic grandson, and staged a filibuster to secure money for autism research. Ran a liberal third-party candidacy for the Presidency in 2002 but later endorsed President Bartlet. (Ep 2-17, 4.04, 4-06)
  • Senator Starkey — H. M. Wynant: On the Speaker's list for suggested candidates for Vice President.
  • Senator Turner
  • Senator Villegas (D-LA) (Ep 4.23)
  • Senator Warren — Richard McGonagle: Has an ideological opposition to lawsuit against tobacco companies. Former US Attorney.
  • Senator White (D-HI) — Helen Duffy, candidate for the 1994 nomination (Season 4)
  • Sam Whiteside (D-MD)
  • William Wiley (D-WA): Ran against President Bartlet in the 1998 Primary campaign
  • Stephen Wilson (D-MA)


  • Senator Andrews (R-TN)
  • Bill Armstrong Jr. (R-CO)
  • Clancy Banghart- attached an amendment to a foreign aid bill that prevents money from going to places where abortion is talked about.
  • Robert Bennett (R-AL)
  • Alan Broderick (R-FL) Appeared on TV, labelled as a "GOP Leader", when unveiling an $800 billion tax cut plan (Ep. 4.16)
  • Senator Cantina
  • Senator Davies: Judge Evelyn Baker Lang says he's the "drum-banger" on partial birth. (Ep. 5.17)
  • Senator Drori (Ep. 5.17)
  • Senator Ford (R-OH) (Season 2)
  • Rafe Framhagen (R-FL) — Brian Dennehy
  • Steve Gaines (R-IL) (Ep. 5.12) Works with Toby on Social Security Reform
  • Joe Gillis (R-NH)
  • Senator Hammond (R-TN) (Season 2)
  • Jimmy Hobuck (R-AL) Agrees to vote for foreign aid in turn for $115,000 to pay people to pray for strangers.
  • Senator Howard: described as moderate (Ep. 5.17)
  • Matt Hunt (R-AZ) — Philip Baker Hall Chairman of the Senate Armed Services committee. In 2004, he leads an investigation into questionable defense contracts, which concludes in one corrupt deal that involves the pilot who saved Leo McGarry's life during the Vietnam War (Ep. 5.14). Later that year, he potentially jeopardizes relations with China by defending Taiwan in a speech on the Senate floor (Ep. 6.7).
  • Dan Kalmbach (R-MD) (Season 2): A prominent member of the tobacco lobby in Washington. During the 2002 elections, he is considered to be a major candidate, but ultimately loses in the primaries to Ritchie.
  • Senator Kogan: described as moderate (Ep. 5.17)
  • Max LobellDavid Huddleston (Ep. 1.21; 3.21): Chairman of the Intelligence Committee. In his own words, a "gun-toting, redneck son-of-a-bitch". A conservative Republican, he favours aggressive campaign finance reform.
  • Senator Malkin (R-VA) (Ep. 5.17)
  • Senator McNull (Ep. 5.17)
  • Senator Millbank (Ep. 5.17)
  • Senator Miner (Season 2)
  • Morgan Mitchell (R-PA): Defeated Tony Marino in the 2000 mid term elections. Serves on the Judiciary Committee (Ep 5.17)
  • Herman Morton (R-WY)
  • Senator Niering (R-IA): Defeated by Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Edward Keenitz
  • Rob O'Rourke (R-IN)
  • Senator Ramsey (R-MN): Reelected in 2006. Won 52% compared to the Democratic Candidate Douglass' 40%.
  • Senator Jim Simon (R-SD)
  • Senator Stacy (R-TN) (Season 2)
  • Senator Swain (R-RI): Season 7, President-elect Matt Santos considered him for Secretary of Defense
  • Randall Thomas (R-MI) — Tom McCarthy
  • Arnold Vinick (R-CA) — Alan Alda: Republican candidate for President in 2006 (Seasons 6–7). Nominee for Secretary of State in Santos Administration (Season 7). Senator from 1983 to 2007, was California's Senior US Senator in 2006. Chairman of a powerful Senate Committee (either Judiciary or Finance), and also served on the Foreign Relations and Environment Committees
  • Senator Webster
  • Sam Wilkinson (R-KS) — Paul Collins: Added Sanctity of Marriage Act (similar to Defense of Marriage Act) to the 2006 budget, previously served on the Judiciary Committee with Hoynes (Ep 6.10)
  • Howard Weston (R-NV): A member of the Foreign Relations Committee who is expected to move over to Judiciary because he is hoping to be appointed Attorney General under the next Republican president. A candidate for 2002 Republican Nomination. Was considered a "serious candidate" by President Bartlet at the start of the Primary season.

Other SenatorsEdit

  • Senator Breech
  • Chris Carrick (Idaho) — Tom Skerritt: Switched parties and became a Republican after a run-in with Josh Lyman in 2003.
  • Senator Choate — Mary-Pat Green
  • Senator Crossfield
  • Senator Cumberland
  • Senator Dashowitz
  • Senator Dejoie
  • Senator Dubar (5.17)
  • Senator Jenkins (5.21; his name appears in Josh Lyman's e-mail inbox)
  • Senator Kasey
  • Senator Larkin
  • Senator Lindsay — Sarah Benoit
  • Senator McGowen
  • Senator McNamara
  • Senator Newberry
  • Senator Proctor
  • Senator Quartermain
  • Senator Robin Fulton
  • Senator Taglio
  • Senator Wirth

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