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Members of the House of Representatives.


  • Speaker of the House
  • Other Leaders
    • Jim Arkin (R-ID) House Majority Whip, 2003-2007
    • John Connally III (R-TX) — House Majority Leader, 2003-2007, House Minority Whip, 2007-, together with Haffley and Mitchell, they form the "unholy trinity" Josh Lyman refers to in Season 5.
    • Sheila Fields (D): Minority Leader, 1999-2007. She has presidential ambitions for 2006 and is one of many congressional Democrats who breaks with Bartlet during the Gaza Crisis
    • Mark Richardson (D-NY) — Thom Barry — Leader of the Congressional Black Caucus. Toby Ziegler's Congressman, represents part of Brooklyn (Ep. 1.4; 3.4; 4.19).
    • Henry Shallick (R-MS) — Corbin Bernsen — Deputy House Majority Whip
    • Howard Van Gelt (D-NC) — House Minority Whip. Defeated in 2002 by Brett Logan by 3%. Melanie Sanders (I) received 1%.



  • Nathan Burgess (D-AR) — Young, pro-life Democrat, conflicted over stem cell research. Resident of Pine Bluff, making him representative for the Arkansas's 4th congressional district (Ep. 6.17)
  • Will Bailey (D-OR) — After running against John Heffinger for the seat in 2008, Will is successful in capturing the seat. Serves as a backbencher of the House Committee on Ways and Means
  • John Baxley (D) (Season 4)
  • Representative Benoit (D) — A homosexual, wanted to introduce a bill to ban all marriage by government officers to end the gay marriage debate (Ep 6.3).
  • Rep. Bill (D) — John Bennett Perry
  • Representative Blinken (Ep. 7.18)
  • Simon Blye (D) — Dakin Matthews (Ep. 1.13)
  • Sue Borden (D-NC)  — Voted for the resolution calling on President Bartlet to act against the Palestinians after the Gaza attack. Josh says she's in a tough race with a "knucklehead" district attorney from Wake Forest (Ep 6.1).
  • Earl Brennan (D-CT) — Josh Lyman used to work for him.
  • Olivia Buckland (D-IN) — Wife of Governor Jack Buckland. her infant mortality bill was kept in committee by the White House.
  • Raymond Burns (D) — Austin Tichenor (Ep. 1.12)
  • Representative Calhoun (D) — Joe O'Connor (Ep. 1.17; 3.10)
  • Representative Carney (Ep. 7.18)
  • Bertram Coles (D-SC) — A conservative Democrat who threatened President Bartlet. His Congressional District is the 5th, which includes East Chester County, Lofton and Cromwell Air Force Base. His state is not clear, but it could suggest South Carolina, with a "Chester County" in the 5th (even though there's no Air Force Base at all; there's a city called "Bluffton", but in the 2nd district). (1.03)
  • Harry Conroy (D-ND)
  • Eileen Davis (D-NJ) — Wants to run for Governor and President.
  • Represenative Delany (D-DE) — Shown as the winner on Election Night TV broadcasts. Defeated Robertson (R) in 2002 (Ep. 4.8).
  • Tim Fields (D-TX) — Candidate for Speaker of the House after the 2006 Elections. Friend of President-elect Santos, represents a district that adjoins Santos' 18th District (most likely the 9th or 29th). Liberal
  • Diane Frost (D) — On the Haffley's list for suggested candidates for Vice President, far-left and lesbian. Considered a "serious name" by Will Bailey and Senator Triplehorn, but considered unelectable by Toby and Josh.
  • Carol Gelsey (D-FL) — Considered a candidate to replace Leo McGarry as Vice President, Josh says she's second choice after Eric Baker. Six-term congresswoman and longtime member of the House Committee on Ways and Means, has bipartisan support in her district. Ran for Governor in 1996 (and almost certainly lost to Robert Ritchie), but had 63% favorability in her state in 2006.
  • Representative Goldman (D-LA) — Defeats Attie in Louisiana's 7th Congressional District in 2002.
  • Representative Hammond (D-CO) (Ep. 7.01)
  • Representative Hootstein (D-LA) — Shown as winner of the Louisiana 3rd race on Election Night TV broadcasts. Defeated Mybell (R) in 2002 (Ep.4.8).
  • Representative Hark (D) (Ep. 1.16)
  • Representative Inboden (D-MS) — Reelected in Mississippi's 2nd Congressional District in 2002 over Davis (R) by 12 points.
  • Representative Jennsen (D) (Ep. 1.16)
  • Representative Janet ______ (D-CA) — Second name unknown, friendly with Sam Seaborn. The third-ranking female Democrat on the Ways and Means Committee (Ep. 4.04).
  • Representative Katzenmoyer (D-WI) — Mark Blum  — Won a close re-election campaign. His district includes Eau Claire. This would make him the representative from the Wisconsin 3rd Congressional District (Ep. 1.4)
  • John Kimball (D-TN) — Cliff De Young
  • Karen Kroft (D-MI) — Lucinda Jenney — Won her rural district by 82 votes in 2000, lost her 2002 reelection by 127 votes. After losing her seat in the 2002 election, she was up for Director of the National Parks service, until a change made the position Senate confirmable (Ep. 4.09).
  • Representative LeBrandt (D) (Ep. 1.4)
  • Jim Marino (D-OH) — Longshot candidate for Speaker of the House whom President-elect Santos considers supporting. Wins reelection in 2006 over Republican Challenger Peck 61% to 36%. Represents the 17th District
  • Representative Maxwell (D-MI): Elected to the 2nd District in 2002.
  • Representative McKenna (D)
  • Representative Newhouse (D-IL)
  • Representative Neonakis (D-AL) — Defeats Miller in the 7th District by 37%.
  • Representative O'Bannon (D) (Ep. 1.4)
  • Representative Pratt (D) — Ronne Troup (Ep. 1.12)
  • Becky Reeseman (D-MI) — Amy Aquino — Attempted to add a child labor amendement to a tariff bill supported by the White House after the First Lady did a television interview condemning child labor worldwide. She was talked out of it when the First Lady promised the President's support if she ran for the US Senate from Michigan (Ep. 1.17).
  • Robert Russell (D-CO) — Gary Cole — Appointed Vice-President (see The President's Cabinet) to succeed John Hoynes.
  • Representative Reed (D-TN) — Reelected over Vasquez (R) by 24% in the 8th district.
  • Richard Rollins (D-TN)
  • Grant Samuels (D) — Died of pneumonia (Ep. 2.3).
  • Mike Satchel (D-OR) — Andrew Buckley — Met with Sam and Toby over the issue of gays in the military (Ep. 1.19).
  • Matt Santos (D-Texas) — Jimmy Smits — Democratic candidate for President in 2006. Succeeds Josiah Bartlet as President of the United States.
  • Representative Schriebman — A Blue Dog Democrat (Ep. 7.18)
  • Len Segal (D) — Bill Birch
  • Mark B. Sellner (D) — John Getz — Leading candidate for Speaker of the House following the 2006 elections. Elected Speaker of the House. More moderate than Santos, supports school vouchers and tort reform and opposes lobbying reforms.
  • Representative Simmell (D) — George Wyner
  • Representative Sind (D-MA) — Defeated Handelman (R) in 2002 (Ep.4.8).
  • Nate Singer (D) — A prominent Blue Dog Democrat
  • Neil Spencer (D-HI) — Helped with an agriculture bill. Represents Honolulu.
  • John Tandy (D-FL) — Brian Baker — Represents the Florida 20th. Pro-choice and liberal, but facing a primary challenge from Nan Lieberman. Briefly dated Amy Gardner.
  • Representative Thiele (D-RI) — Christopher Cousins — Refuses to vote for the nomination of Bob Russell as Vice President, becoming the only member of Congress to do so. A former intern for Roland Pierce, he shows up Josh in front of Ryan when Josh tries to talk him into voting for Russell. Is finally coerced by Ryan.
  • Cal Tillinghouse (D-TX) — Michael McGuire — A moderate Democrat and strong proponent of gun rights (Ep. 1.4).
  • Representative Velasquez (D-RI) — Elected in 2006, Rhode Island's first Hispanic congressman
  • Bud Wachtell (D) James Eckhouse — A moderate Democrat
  • Harry Wade (D) — Fred Ornstein
  • Representative Wallingford (D-CO) (Ep. 7.01)
  • Representative Wexler (D-CT) — Retired in 2006. The DCCC suggested Josh Lyman run for his seat.
  • Christopher Wick (D) — Jay Underwood — Friend of Josh Lyman's from college (Ep. 1.4).
  • Janice Willis (D-OH) — Deceased representative who was replaced by her husband, Joe Willis (Ep. 1.6).
  • Joe Willis (D-OH) — Al Fann — Temporarily replaced his wife, who died in office. Prior to this, he was an eighth-grade social studies teacher (Ep. 1.6).
  • Representative Woodside (D-AK) — Reelected with 63% of the vote in 2006. Defeats Gately (R).
  • Andrea 'Andie' Wyatt (D-MD) — Kathleen York — Ex-wife of Toby Ziegler and mother of their twins, Huck and Molly. Senior Member of the House Foreign Relations Committee. Survived bombing in "Gaza."
  • Representative Zelowsky (D-ME) — Elected in 2006 in Maine's 2nd District.


  • Representative Arlauskas (R)
  • Representative Bentley (R)
  • Representative Broderick (R-TX)
  • Joseph Bruno (R-PA) — James Handy — Apparently a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and chairman of the committee investigating President Bartlet's concealment of his multiple sclerosis. Is called by Leo McGarry "a reasonable guy" and appears to be a moderate Republican (Ep. 1.13; 3.10).
  • Representative Buchanan (R-VA)
  • Representative Cahn (R-OH) — Defeats Jones in Ohio's 6th Congressional District in 2002.
  • Representative Cameron (R) (Ep. 1.16)
  • Ken Campbell (R-NH) — Mentioned in "Abu Al Banat" as a congressman in New Hampshire's 1st District who is retiring due to medical issues; Doug Westin runs for his seat.
  • Tawny Cryer (R) — Valerie Mahaffey — Chairwoman of the House Appropriations Committee; Possibly represents Kansas (Ep. 3.06).
  • Representative Dade (R) (Season 2)
  • Paul Dearborn (R-UT) — Steven Gilborn — one of the Committee Members who questions Leo McGarry in the MS hearings (Ep. 3.9)
  • Daniel DeSantos (R) — Killed in roadside bombing of U.S. CODEL in Gaza (Ep. 5.21)
  • Representative Dryer (R-GA) — Represents the Georgia 4th District which includes DeKalb County, defeated DeKalb D.A. Mark Farragut (D).
  • Representative Duke (R-NH)
  • Representative Eaton (R)
  • Representative Eeling (R-NC): Represents the 5th congressional district of North Carolina. Defeated Rusnak (D) by 32%.
  • Representative Erickson (R-PA) — Mark Hutter — one of the Committee Members who questions Leo McGarry in the MS hearings (Ep. 3.9)
  • Christopher Finn — Frank Ashmore — Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee for Armed Services.
  • Darren Gibson (R-MI) — David St. James — Sat on committee investigating Josiah Bartlet's concealed health problems and was prevented by Chairman Bruno and Counsel Calley from revealing the alcoholic problems of Leo McGarry.
  • Representative Gladman (R) — Kenneth Tigar (Ep. 1.6)
  • Fay Green (R-IL) — The DCCC thinks she will step down in 2008
  • John Heffinger (R-OR) — Conservative congressman who Will Bailey tries to find someone to defeat him in 2008. Tony Sharkey, Ina Horton, Paul Kravitz, and Gil Silverly are potential opponents. However, it would appear that Bailey himself runs and defeats Heffinger.
  • Thomas Korb (R-ND) — Served 13 years in the House of Representatives. Killed in roadside bombing of U.S. CODEL in Gaza (Ep. 5.21)
  • Tom Landis (R-MD) — Matt McCoy — Liberal Republican who worked with Josh on an $18 million dollar cleanup for Chesapeake Bay that was ultimately defeated because both right-leaning Republicans and left-leaning Democrats see Landis's seat as vulnerable (Ep. 4.19).
  • Barbara Layton (R-NC) — Cherry Jones — Made a floor speech naming Ellie Bartlet's supervisor, Dr. Louis Foy, as one of the researchers getting funding for research that conservatives consider objectionable (Ep. 5.16).
  • Peter Lillienfield (R) — Holmes Osborne — Outed Leo as a recovering Valium addict for political gain and to embarrass the White House (Ep. 1.9).
  • Robert G. Mitchell (R-OH) — along with Connelly and Haffley, form what Josh Lyman refers to as the unholy trinity. Thought be a candidate to replace Walken as Speaker of the House
  • Representative Owens (R-MS) — Reelected in the 7th District by 17% over Nawrot (D).
  • Representative Rathburn (R-TX) — Tom Waring
  • Representative Riddle (R-FL) — Defeats Foister (D) in 2002.
  • Pete Ross (R-CA) — Opposed to Campaign Finance reform. Sought the Republican nomination for President in 2002.
  • Representative Palmer (R-MD) — defeats Oates (D) in 2002.
  • Representative Satch (R)
  • Representative Strickman (R) — Authored a flawed "Patient's Bill of Rights" (Ep. 6.06)
  • Matt Skinner (R) — Charley Lang — Liberal Republican and homosexual.
  • Representative Somerfold (R-MI): Won reelection with 64%.
  • Representative Tomlinson (R-OH)
  • Representative Ted ______ (R-FL)
  • Chuck Webb (R-CA) — Conservative Republican who lost to the recently deceased Horton Wilde and then faced Sam Seaborn in a special election. Webb once challenged another Representative to a fist-fight on the floor of the House of Representatives during a debate about gun control.
  • Sam Wendt (R-SC) — Conservative Republican who single-handedly blocked the White House's attempt to expand child care to working families. Josh calls him the Darth Vader of childcare, and referred to his latest attempts as the Moving America Back to the Mamie Eisenhower Era Amendment.
  • Representative Whitley (R-NY) — Defeated Reeler (D) in 2002 (Ep. 4.8).
  • Representative Wilder (R-SC) (Ep. 1.6)
  • Representative Jack Wooden (R) (Ep. 1.15)

Other Representatives (party not identified)Edit

  • Rep. Botrell
  • Rep. Roger Callahan
  • Rep. Thomas Evers
  • Rep. Pauline Gardner
  • Rep. Peter Lien (Texas): Represents the Galveston-based Texas 22nd district. His predecessor was Jim Cor. He's 34 years old, and came to the US in 1974. His family fishes in the Galveston bay. Meets with President Bartlet in the Oval Office. Bartlet alludes that he emigrated from communist China as a young child. (Ep. 4.1). Democrats are ignoring the heavily Republican 22nd and running an electrical engineer as their candidate (4.4)
  • Rep. Rick Pintero — Juan Garcia (Season 3): Suggested the Marriage Incentives compromise.
  • Rep. Quigley: Washington's 1st District
  • Rep. Carolyn Reed
  • Rep. Gail Trent
  • Rep. Donald Richter (Ep. 5.9)
  • Rep. Widen (Pennsylvania) (Ep. 1.6)
  • Rep. Tewes (Ep. 5.4) - heard confirming Russell for VP in the House Vote
  • Rep. Thayer (Ep. 5.4) - heard confirming Russell for VP in the House Vote
  • Rep. Thibodeaux (Ep. 5.4) - heard confirming Russell for VP in the House Vote
  • Rep. Valence (Ep. 5.4) - heard confirming Russell for VP in the House Vote
  • Rep. Horton (Ep. 5.4) - heard confirming Russell for VP in the House Vote

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