Carlos Gomez played Admiral McGill in the episode An Khe. He is best known for his starring role in the television program The Glades and has had recurring roles on the programs Madam Secretary (starring Zeljko Îvanek), Shark, John Wells' ER, 24, Gang Related (starring Terry O'Quinn), Sleeper Cell (starring Blake Shields) and Family Law.

He also starred in several motion pictures, including Ride Along 2, All About Steve (with Stephanie Venditto, Holmes Osborne and Joe D'Angerio), House of Sand and Fog (with Bonita Friedericy), The Negotiator (with John Spencer, Stephen Lee, Dean Norris, Jack Shearer and Tim Kelleher), The Replacement Killers (with Nicki Micheaux), The Peacemaker (directed by Mimi Leder, produced by Wells, and co-starring Armin Mueller-Stahl and Bruce Gray) and Desperado (with Joaquim de Almeida.

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