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The Baker presidential campaign was an early campaign in the 2006 Democratic primaries. Its candidate was Governor Eric Baker of Pennsylvania, who soon withdrew his candidacy, the reason given being his wife's health and the pressure of scrutiny. Later, at the Democratic Convention, Baker sought once more to be a candidate.

Leo McGarry
"If I were to stand on high ground in Key West with a good pair of binoculars, I would be as informed as I am right now." - Leo McGarry

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Campaign StaffEdit

2006 Presidential Election
Santos/McGarry (D) | Vinick/Sullivan (R)
2006 Democratic Primary
Atkins | Baker | Clarkson | Hoynes | Rafferty | Russell | Santos | two others
2006 Republican Primary
Allard | Bennett | Butler | Vinick | Walken | three others

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