Cabinet Edit

Office Name Term
Vice President John Hoynes 1999—2003
Robert Russell 2003—
State Lewis Berryhill 1999—
Treasury Ken Kato 1999—2004
Teresa Browning 2004—
Defense Miles Hutchinson 1999—
Justice Dan Larson 1999—2003
Alan Fisk 2003—
Interior Bill Horton 1999—
Commerce Mitch Bryce 1999—
Labor Carl Reid 1999—2002
Jack Buckland 2002—
Agriculture Roger Tribbey 2000—
HHS Unknown
Education Unknown
HUD Deborah O'Leary 1999—2001
Bill Fisher 2001—
Transportation Unknown
Energy Bill Trotter 1999—2004
Gerald Deloit 2004—
Veterans Affairs Unknown

Supreme Court Edit

Other Edit

Office Name Term
Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Dahl 1999—2000
Ronald Ehrlich 2000—
Federal Election Commission John Branford Bacon 2000—
Patricia Calhoun 2000—

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