Alex Graves was a director, producer, supervising producer, co-executive producer, executive producer and writer on The West Wing. He directed 34 episodes throughout the seven seasons of the show, including the live debate episode, and wrote the episode Mr. Frost.

The winner of two Emmy awards, he was also nominated for his direction of the episodes Posse Comitatus and 2162 Votes and won the Humanitas Prize for his work on N.S.F. Thurmont.

He became a producer starting with Season 3, a supervising producer starting with Night Five, a co-executive producer throughout Season 4 an an executive producer through Election Day (Part I).

After The West Wing ended he went on to be executive producer on Journeyman, The Nine and Fringe, before moving to HBO where most recently he has directed THE NEWSROOM and six episodes of HBO's GAME OF THRONES.

Episodes DirectedEdit

Episodes writtenEdit

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