Abdul ibn Shareef was the Qumari Minister of Defence, and the brother of the Sultan of Qumar. He was also a lead member of the Bahji who was assassinated on the orders of President Bartlet.

Shareef was initially introduced as an allied minister (along with Qumar), but it emerged that he was actually a key member of the Bahji terrorist network and was behind the thwarted attempt to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge. As a result, having been shown evidence that he was a terrorist, President Bartlet ordered his assassination, as it was impossible for him to be brought to trial due to the chain of evidence that implicated him originating with a tortured Chechen.

He met with the President hours before his assassination, who refused to shake hands with him (blaming a rash for it) and gave him a pen with a tracking device in it. He was assassinated by U.S. Army Deltas on a remote airstrip in Bermuda.

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