Republican presidential primaries, 2006

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  Arnold Vinick Don Butler Glen Walken
Nominee Arnold Vinick Don Butler Glen Allen Walken
Party Republican Party Republican Party Republican Party
Home state California Virginia Missouri
States carried 6+ 4 5

Previous President
Robert Ritchie

Republican nominee
Arnold Vinick

The 2006 United States Republican Presidential Primary was a contest between Former Acting President Glen Allen Walken, Reverend Don Butler, and U.S. Senator Arnold Vinick.

The Primaries Edit

Early preparations after retaining the House and Senate in the 2004 mid-term elections, and President Bartlet's revelation of his MS, Republicans saw a opportunity to regain the White House. Walken and Reed were considered early front-runners, with Allard and Vinick being candidates with momentum.

Former Governor Robert Ritchie who had lost devastatingly to Bartlet in 2002, had been expected to run but ultimately decided against it and endorsed Vinick. Alabama Senator and 1998 Vice-presidential nominee Robert Bennett had also been expected to enter the race, but also declined. Former Vice Presidential Candidate Jeff Heston was also expected to run but ultimately declined.

Allard came second in Iowa, and lost momentum when Vinick won, New Hampshire, Arizona and Nevada. Governor Mike Reed dropped out after losing New Mexico a place he expected to gain momentum in. Gibson lost his home state, falling to sixth place and withdrew. Johnson withdrew after losing in Iowa, but did not endorse any candidates in the field. Butler won South Carolina and several other southern states on Super Tuesday. Walken won his home state, Missouri, Iowa, North Dakota, Colorado and Minnesota. The winner at the end was Vinick after the New Jersey Primary. He selected Ray Sullivan as his running mate.

Candidates for the Republican NominationEdit

References Edit

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